Assuming you are a Realtor® reading this blog post, you are well aware the majority of your clients are searching web and local MLS for properties that pique their interest. The photos which your photographer provides for your listing are not just documentary images of the spaces of the home, the photos offer a unique opportunity to engage these viewers at a deeper level–if done well.

This is where a professional real estate or architectural photographer can deliver ‘bang’ far beyond the buck you will lay out for their services. Moments of transitional light inside a home are like secrets between friends: the moments are often only experienced by the homeowners, and they reveal the soul of a home so to speak. This ambient light, whether it be graceful rays from a window onto the counters of a chef’s kitchen, or the gentle color of a Lowcountry twilight over the marsh, are the intangible assets good photographers reveal.

In a growing era of artificially sterilized photography, authenticity equals quality. Embrace the ambient light, avoid ‘flashy’ looking oversharpened photos, showcase the experience of the home, and consider the fact that your photographer is not just a guy with a fancy camera, but rather a key member of your marketing team. We love to work with professionals who respect our time and our contribution!

So, instead of choosing a photographer based on price alone, consider asking how much time they will spend in the home. Ask what time of day may be the best for that home given its location and orientation to the sun at a particular time of the year. Twilight sessions are often available as an add-on service, and in our opinion, worth their weight in gold to agents and homeowners alike.