Too often as real estate photographers we get phone calls from new Realtors where the entire conversation is getting around to negotiating down to the lowest price for our services. We get it. But what we as real estate photographers want our clients to remember is that the photographic presentation of a property is one of the most important, and most public pieces of the marketing campaign to a prospective buyer.

So, our refrain is ‘Begin with the end in mind.’ What’s the end goal with this listing? How fast does the homeowner want the home to move; and at what price point? If maximizing the return on investment of the agent’s time and money is important, the photos produced by the photographer are the best investment an agent can make. Negotiating for lowest price on photographic services actively works against an agent’s ultimate interests. Photographers work harder and take more time with properties represented by Realtors who respect their time, expertise and pricing.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Successful agents build relationships with the people who help them maximize their ROI. Agents who burn through vendors are rarely the ones who are the outstanding achievers in the firm. Your real estate photographer is a key player in the marketing mix, so the next time you’re tempted to choose someone based on price alone, remember: Begin with the end in mind; and prepare for a record year!