Every morning and every evening we spend some time in front of the mirror performing our personal hygiene rituals, brushing teeth and hair, etc. Why? Because when we make an appearance in the world, we want to make a positive first impression—or at the very least we don’t want to offend the senses of others.

Now think of your front yard and the entry experience for your home. Chances are you don’t spend much time looking at it since our comings and goings are typically via the garage entry to the home. This view—The Face of your home— is critically important when preparing your home for sale. Here are a few tips from your professional real estate photographers at Houzpics:

  1. Shave that thing! Really. Make sure your grass is freshly cut and edged. There is no sexy stubble when it comes to photos showing off your property.
  2. Trim that ‘stache! While Monty Python may require a tribute shrubbery, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to trim and neaten all shrubbery surrounding your home—especially around windows! Don’t let your home hide behind overgrown shrubbery.
  3. Cut those bangs! Akin to trimming shrubbery, please don’t hide The Face of your home behind low hanging branches and trees which shouldn’t be there. If you stand directly in front of your home, you should be able to have a clear line of sight to the front door and windows. Trees, shrubs, and plantings should accentuate and frame The Face of your home, but not create a visual obstacle to the entry.
  4. Finally, fresh breath goes a long way to making a great first impression! (You know what I mean.) Add a subtle welcoming fragrance to the approach your buyers will take to enter your home. Think rosemary plantings, tea olive shrubs or even some potted Meyer lemon trees.

Having carefully considered and prepared The Face of your home, it’s now ready for its closeup! We’ll be sure to make it a star of the Hilton Head MLS.