The heart of the home. The gathering place. Made with love. Family and comfort. It all happens in our kitchens. Ask any architect, builder or (big surprise) cabinet maker and they will tell you that what used to be the humble kitchen is where it’s at today. Realtors will no doubt confirm the sentiment, as they witness potential homeowners get all misty upon experiencing the ‘dream kitchen’.

Guess who else love kitchens? Photographers. Light and bright, granite or quartz, lowcountry modern or traditionally luxe, we make our living celebrating what once was the humble kitchen. Of course, today—in our market—kitchens are anything but humble. It’s likely that the kitchen is the single most expensive room in a modern home per square foot. It requires the most planning, the highest attention to detail and certainly the most well thought out lighting plan. Some can work for you as a photographer, but many present genuine challenges to light properly for presentation and reproduction.

Given all the attention kitchens get before, during and after construction, aren’t the homes we shoot worth the extra attention? We think so. My dentist says: ‘Only floss the teeth you want to keep.’ Let’s talk about the homes you want to sell. Great kitchens deserve great photography.